March 31 2012 is the day that I went into my local salon, asked for a trim, and came out nearly bald! Yes, it was intentional…I had grown tired of maintaining my usual perm,  and it was damaging my ends far past what was visual. That morning while getting ready I had it all mapped out. The plan was; 1) get hair cut, 2) buy home perm kit, 3) perm and wrap my hair in the newly styled cut. When I got to the shop, however, I took one look at my hair and thought “Oh no…this has got to go!” My ends were worst than split, it was uneven, was choppy in the areas that shared a similar length, and looked to be different hues. Everyone was shocked when they first saw me rocking the ‘fro! I bought the long feather earrings, made sure I had at least two neutral colored pair, and the only style I could wear warranted that I purchase the elastic head bands. I was gonna make this work, and I did!! Alot of naturlists say they went natural to “get back to the roots”, or to connect with the culture. My reason is amongst neither of those. Not saying that I don’t want to connect with my culture, or understand my roots but, I went “natural” to stop processing my hair with all the chemicals! It’s been almost a year now, and my hair has grown so much. I’m still a work in progress as I find styles that compliment my natural hair status, and help it to grow! To all my natural divas out there, I say make it shine ladies…make it shine!!

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My Friends are…

So I saw this video a while back, I love it! I’m a “cat person”, and Jimmy (the guy who plays the cat) does a spot-on characterization of a cats personality. It also got me to thinking about some of my friends. Many of them are…eccentric, for lack of a better word, much like the dog in this video. LOL, enoy!

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